John Kavanagh, Head coach
SBG Ireland

Testimonial from John Kavanagh:

I have been training BJJ for over 10yrs and have been very lucky to train under many fantastic coaches who have influenced my game in many different ways. Matt Thornton with how to coach, how to train and how to differentiate between what is needed and what is superfluous. Gunnar Nelson on taking a ‘postural’ approach to BJJ and focusing on being relaxed. But without doubt the greatest influence on my positional strategy has come from Coach Priit. He has an incredible ability to break down each position and help you understand what are the absolutely most fundamental movements, and therefore most important, from there. He also has a special ability to not only teach these methods one on one but can coach large groups of various abilities to a high level very quickly. I cannot recommend training with him enough, it’s the logical choice!”