Daniel Bäckefelt, Head coach
Primate Lounge, Sweden

Testimonial from Daniel Bäckefelt:

I’ve been training BJJ and Grappling for about 12 years now. For 4 of thoose years I’ve had the pleasure to have had Priit Mihkelson over for visits and seminars. At my school we actually say “training before Priit” and “training after Priit” when we talk about how our school and our athletes have progressed in the sport over the years.
Priit has a almost unique way of breaking down our sport and finding the most crucial details of every position and situation there is.
His concepts and techniques are always highly functional, simple and high procentage. Every time we host a seminar with him here you’ll see a general change of level for everyone for the better.

The vast amount of competetive athletes that he produces in his own gym also testfies to his excellent abilities as a coach and technician.

Without exaggerating i think its safe to say that Priit Mihkelson is one of the best kept secrets in the grappling world. And the success of his athletes seconds that opinion.

I can with almost 100% certainty say that any gym that brings Priit in for seminars will have one of the best experiences there is when it comes to develeoping their grappling abilities and getting a deeper understanding of how and why sports should be taught and played.